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The Today Show: DIY Pineapple Party

The ladies at The Today Show found themselves with a pineapple problem- how to safely tackle this favorite fruit. So they called in Jamie to show the crew

VIE Magazine- “Pretty & Gritty”

A little James Bond and a lot of Dixie. Jamie and I were honored to grace the cover of VIE magazine's April (18') Culinary Issue! The focus: bivalves &

The Flavor Matrix

Order The Flavor Matrix Now! The Institute of Culinary Education's blog has written a really thoughtful piece on our book, The Flavor Matrix (hitting the shelves tomorrow!) Check

The Art of (Thanksgiving) Plating

Days of organizing (and agonizing), hours of cooking and then Thanksgiving lands in a pile on your plate. Splat. I'm sorry, am I being mean? It just seems

Cooking with Dad… Again!

This is what every brunch should look like- bacon, baby love, big smiles all around.  Can we cook with Food Network every weekend?! We loved every minute (okay,

!Bienvenidos a Mexico!

As you can see, it took the kiddos .05 seconds to settle into their new Mexican routine... Enjoying plates of juicy, ripe mango and farm-fresh eggs while watching

Ultimate Guide: London and Paris

Yes, that's me at the Duane Reade check-out, grinning ear-to-ear. I'm buying a box of Airborne and I'm ecstatic. Because that little box means I'm about to get

Stress-Free Thanksgiving, Promise!

Don't let the cute faces fool you! (It's the eyes... and the darn mustache pacifier!) These two turkeys are tough customers when it comes to Thanksgiving. She complains

The Wharf ‘Uncorked’

We we cooked, we sipped, we conquered!   The Wharf 'Uncorked' in Orange Beach, Alabama was a hit with everyone in the family- from the littlest,

Beach Paradise

We love the city. And we hate the city... (My Thursday morning at the beach, coffee in hand, with Parker Lee) We love living & working amid the chaos and

Paris In The Springtime…

Let’s go to Paris. We’ll shred our puffer coats—those ambulatory sleeping bags that we’ve all been wearing for the past six months—hop the next Paris-bound flight at JFK

Ai Marmi (aka L’Orbitorio)

When a line snakes out the front of a Roman pizzeria, that’s a good thing. During Brooke’s year in Rome (don’t ask the year… it was before the

Enoteca Regionale Palatium

Brooke’s very in-the-know best friend, Ellen, hit the jackpot by marrying a handsome Italian and moving to Rome. (Hey, it has to happen to someone…) Their date night

Trattoria Monti

If Trattoria Monti and their celebrated ‘tortini’ were good enough for Frank Bruni, they were good enough for us. But let’s back up a bit…We never would have


Bucatini all’amatriciana virtually courses through the veins of Romans. Aside from their love affair with innards (tripe, stomach, kidneys), Romans love nothing more than a hot bowl of

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