This is what every brunch should look like- bacon, baby love, big smiles all around. 

Can we cook with Food Network every weekend?!

We loved every minute (okay, almost every minute except when the AC went on the fritz and baby chucked a fistful of cherry tomatoes at my head…) of cooking and sharing our kitchen life on camera. Literally since the day Parker was born, she has been perched in a bouncy seat/walker/high chair watching me and Jamie work through one cookbook and magazine article after another. And then there are our everyday family meals- the most fun of all.

Cooking with Dad is an unscripted, fresh look at our moments together in the kitchen as a family of four. We have two sweet ones who we want to engage in the best way possible- through bold flavors, healthful ingredients and a little homemade fun. Open your laptop and watch an episode with your family. Pick a recipe, pull up a few step stools to the counter and remember that meal time is the best time!

Watch the videos here! –> Cooking with Dad