Days of organizing (and agonizing), hours of cooking and then Thanksgiving lands in a pile on your plate. Splat.

I’m sorry, am I being mean?

It just seems like even with the best intentions, Thanksgiving can devolve into a mess pretty quickly. Too many personalities, too much politicking (…this year has been a doozy), too many recipes and dishes, no one voice of reason and restraint.

Well, wait, we do have Jamie. I’ve always known Jamie was the cool, rational one between the two of us. And now he’s letting his voice be heard on the most important subject of all- Thanksgiving plating. Yes, this is a big deal folks!

Every artist needs a proper canvas and the plate is yours on Turkey Day. Jamie teamed up with Real Simple magazine to share his best ‘plate-like-a-pro’ tips. Texture, color, sacred white space- it’s all there! Take a look at the chart and serve up a Turkey Day meal that excites everyone.