Flavor for All by Chef James Briscione

Fans were ravenous for more recipes from James Briscone and Brooke Parkhurst, authors of The Flavor Matrix, so the authors are serving up 100 new recipes in Flavor for All, drawing on the principles and flavor-focused approach that informed their previous book. This is, at heart, a practical home-cooking book with delicious and accessible recipes, but with unique and unexpected twists based on scientifically approved flavor pairings. Recipes include Seared Steaks with Almond-Cherry Pesto; Caesar Artichoke Dip; Brown Butter, Maple, and Pear Pork Roast; Spicy Kiwi and Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwiches; “Umami in a Bottle” salad dressing; and Chocolate and Red Wine Bread Pudding. The authors explain why certain flavors taste so good together and provide plenty of practical tips on how to coax the maximum amount of flavor from your ingredients. This new cookbook will appeal to both chemistry aficionados and casual cooks alike, with simple, easy recipes for everyday life.



With Host Chef James Briscione

Chef James Briscione seeks out dynamic men across the country who are making their mark on the food world, from high-tech urban farmers to small batch brewers, and adventurers who cook everything over an open flame.



From kid’s food to happy hour, James and Brooke share their dishes and drinks.


Cooking With Dad

Hosted by Chef James Briscione

Dad first, chef second! In Cooking with Dad, James whips up easy, family-friendly recipes with the help of our trusty sous-chef and daughter, Parker Lee. It’s always a party in the kitchen with these two- and even more fun when little bro August and Brooke join in!



Food and drink from around town and around the world.

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