James and Brooke are the voice of young couples and families looking for answers to the nightly cooking challenge…

… and James happens to be a culinary science and flavor expert.


The Art and Science of Pairing Common Ingredients to Create Extraordinary Dishes

A revolutionary new guide to pairing ingredients, based on a famous chef’s groundbreaking research into the chemical basis of flavor.

A groundbreaking ingredient-pairing guide, The Flavor Matrix shows how science can unlock unheard-of possibilities for combining foods into astonishingly inventive dishes. Briscione distills chemical analyses of different ingredients into easy-to-use infographics, and presents mind-blowing recipes that he’s created with them. The result of intensive research and incredible creativity in the kitchen, The Flavor Matrix is a must-have for home cooks and professional chefs alike: the only flavor-pairing manual anyone will ever need.

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Learn how to cook more than 100 classic, all-time favorite dishes-and learn how to cook them perfectly. This cooking course in a book will show you how to confidently turn out a pie with a flaky, tender crust, make homemade pasta, and master a wow-the-crowd Coq Au Vin.

Chef and culinary instructor James Briscione guides readers through 36 in-depth, recipe-oriented lessons: Roast chicken. Seafood. Layer Cakes. Each lesson is detailed with instructive photos of every step, and variation recipes will help build on newly acquired skills. Briscione also shares essential tips from professional kitchens that home cooks can use to make each dish even better. It’s like getting a private, personal lesson from a culinary expert in the comfort of your own home. More than 500 stunning color photographs and 105 essential, easy-to-follow recipes makes this an invaluable kitchen companion for anyone who loves to cook-or wants to learn how.



Our glam-on-a-budget plan for eating and entertaining well 365 days a year. We’re proud of our bursting-at-the-seams, information-packed book that boasts over 200 recipes and focuses on fresh, seasonal foods. We think it’s simple enough not to intimidate beginners yet inspiring enough to entice first-timers into the kitchen. Two sections keep things easy: Life As We Know It showcases everyday eats that get you through the week in style and New Traditions centers around special events that you and your honey can cook up every coupla weeks. Need an after-work app? Want to make your first gratin? Gonna finally fry up a turkey for Thanksgiving or whisk away your taste buds to Paris for the night? It’s all here—and then some.

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