Y’all, there are a lot of changes going on. A new restaurant, new city, new home, new schools, new friends… wait, did you read the part about our opening new restaurant?!

Angelena’s, in our hometown of Pensacola, Florida, is the biggest and most exciting project that we have ever taken on (aside this whole marriage/kids thing). With a group of generous and very talented partners, we are building the restaurant from the ground up, the focal point of the dining room being the wood-burning pizza and pasta oven. The concept is going to marry the two things we love most- the classic cuisine of Italy and the culinary traditions of the Gulf Coast.

And then there is the avalanche of change in our lives. Packing boxes are coming out, school applications are being turned in, new lawyers, new banks… and August (just shy of 3 years-old) announces to anyone and everyone, “We’re movin’ to Floor-weedha! I got a new bed!” It’s exciting, intimidating, anxiety-inducing and wonderful to be presented with an opportunity of a lifetime. Now we better not screw up.