We we cooked, we sipped, we conquered!


The Wharf ‘Uncorked’ in Orange Beach, Alabama was a hit with everyone in the family- from the littlest, who would be Cousin Carson (above left in Jamie’s arms)- to the biggest/oldest, who… would prefer to go unnamed! Warm temps and wishes and support from the community made it feel like we were cooking with life-long friends. One event stretched into the other, everyone connected by a love for delicious food and wine. Did I mention that 180 different labels were available for tasting?!

As a judge and main stage chef, Jamie couldn’t get over the level of talent:

“I was really impressed with the food from the participating chefs. This was not your average beach food. The dishes they created were thoughtful, complex and totally delicious.”

Pass the Lionfish nachos, please. We’re already thinkin’ about next year!

(Family photo courtesy of Courtland Williams Photography)