What do a busy chef and his little girl do when Mommy jaunts off to Paris for the weekend?

First and foremost, we wear our PJs A LOT, ok?

But then, Daddy makes homemade chicken nuggets (baked!) for lunch. And then he mixes up some honey mustard with olive oil mayo, dijon and honey.

And this is my one of my proudest moments as a father. I put a spoonful on her plate (and she did not see me mix it up) took a taste and exclaimed “huh- nee must-eeerd.” My brilliant 21 month old is already identifying tastes. I love it!!!

Then after Dad finshes teaching a class on the regional cooking of Alsace we have PIZZA- he calls it Tart Flambe, not sure what that means but I love PIZZA!

But Mom is gone, why do I have to eat veggies too? I thought it was all pork all the time with you Dad…

And in the mornings we walk to Union Square Farmer’s Market to get my favorite snack- Apples.