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We’ve grown and cooked together for five years as “just married’s.” What does that mean? Well, we’ve mercilessly scratched our collection of non-stick pots & pans, scorched the wall behind our stove to a blackened crisp and loved on our cast-iron skillet so much, that it shines like a pearl (and turns out the best steak char this side of Peter Luger).

You like to ask if we eat well at home. Oh, yes, we eat very well.

But most of the time we’ve been out with you- teaching hundreds of couples how to cook and get their groove on in their starter kitchen. The new space and all the gadgets can be intimidating so we’ve guided you through the barrage of gizmos, the culinary fads and how you can make your kitchen work for you.

We’ve helped you at the stove, and you returned the favor by helping us evolve. The food and the focus of Just Married & Cooking became cleaner and ‘greener’ as we learned that your biggest priority is preparing healthy food at home five days a week. (The weekends are cheat days and we have a lot of fun with those too!) You also told us that you value your time more than ever, whether because of an amped up work schedule or kids, and you always love a good deal.

Health. Time. Economy. We get it!

Welcome to The Couples Kitchen an idea and a cooking reality that we’ve been creating, crafting and figuring out over the past couple of years. Take a look around. See what we’re cooking and sipping. See where we’ve been traveling and spending our downtime (Hello, Happy Hour!). Check out our upcoming Couples Classes and Cooking Parties.

Step into our kitchen!