Two East Coast crackers fly to LA… and kinda fall in love.

The air is dry and cool and sweet. People smile and seem to mean it. We walked around a little dazed in the sunshine wondering,

“How did we get here?”

It’s been a long wait. Los Angeles and Venice (Italy) are the two dream cities that have always lived in my mind. When I was younger, scrubbed and green, I vowed to visit both when:

A) I had a little spare change in my purse
B) I was in love

I think the baby has officially gobbled up all the coins but, we are in love and the warm months after our book debuted was as good a time as any.

I’ve still never been to Venice but I imagine it to be elusive and moody–a place and a mood that reveals itself slowly, but never entirely. Los Angeles, for all of its obvious charms–a big-chested blonde with mile-high legs and a bawdy sense of humor–is an enigma as much as the Italian, canal-riddled city.

The winding roads of Cold Water Canyon, the sky-high hedges and the ivy that conceal the million-dollar estates in green and secrecy, the studio back lots with guards and gates…

What is Los Angeles?
Who is she for?
…the lucky and the foolish?

(Pictured: ABC/Walt Disney Studios, happy to be living our LA dream!)