Jamie would set up a pup tent and a flat-screen tv in our kitchen if I’d let him. So, no, I never have to trick him into anything when it comes to cooking. My toughest job is getting him away from the stove, out from behind the kitchen island and onto the love seat with me.

But I know men. Well, I know my sister’s husband and my best girlfriends’ husbands and boyfriends. They avoid the kitchen like the plague. But–but— they flock to the grill like honeybees to Parker’s juice box. Why? I’ll never understand like I’ll never quite get the allure of a fake football team (someone please explain to me fantasy football…)

But let’s not ask too many questions- they guys never do. Here, we created a recipe that is 100% grillable. Our Grilled Snapper with Smoky Eggplant, Basil Salad will be the best thing he’ll make for you, well, ever.

The outdoor grill was invented to give wives and mothers a night off from the kitchen– that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…