We love us some Curry- Anne Curry, that is. She’s bubbly yet calm, beautiful but in a simple, freshly scrubbed kind of way… and, boy, did she get a little twinkle in her eye when she spoke to Jamie. (Hey, I don’t blame you, Anne- he’s pretty easy on the eyes.)

The TODAY Show kitchen felt like the cozy, immaculately clean and well-stocked city kitchen of our dreams. Brushed steel, pretty tiled backsplash and perky cooks & assistants abounded, making our job really easy. All we had to do was showcase our seafood succotash and talk about our love story (kinda crazy that it began at age 10, right?) I know I felt more at ease on the set of the country’s #1 morning show than I do before most of our couples cooking classes.

Only for one second, right before we went ‘live,’ did I think, “Here we go. You spill that White Wine Margarita on Anne and Natalie and 3.5 million people are gonna know it. Now don’t embarrass your mother.”

Welcome to TODAY.