I’ll tell it to you straight–I could spend all day in bed.  (Colette did it–why can’t I?) I’d read good books, I’d finish writing my Modern Love , I’d Facebook, I’d enjoy a BLT and then an ice cream sundae… If my editor would meet me in bed, I’d tell her to hop a downtown train and pull up a pillow!

I feel like men love the couch but we women could really set up shop from our perch in bed, pillows fluffed behind our head, running our fingers over the cool sheets… 

My fantasy is an all-white confection, the duvet a cloud of sumptuous goose-down feathers. The pillows are soft and yielding. I lose my little body in the luxury of lavendar-scented linen, cotton and cush.  But no matter how hard I’ve tried to create this downy sanctuary, I’ve never succeeded in finding the right pillows and linens… until now.

Malgorzata (pronounced Margaret-Giada) Hoffman is a Polish spitfire who knows her way around fabric shears and a bolt of white linen like I do around a corkscrew and a case of Sancerre. (I met the Reiki-practicing, Metallica-listening Renaissance woman while shooting the cookbook this summer in Florida.) She grew up on her grandmother’s farm in Poland collecting rocks, drinking her Papa’s cherry vodka and, apparently, fine-tuning her inner Martha Stewart. Two decades later, when she decided that she fancied making pillows for her daughter’s room, she began to turn out these elegant shams. Curtains came next. And I’m presently trying to convince her to delve into duvet and fabric-covered headboards… 

Pillow-by-pillow, Malgorzata is helping me create my perfect Newlywed Bed… Let her work her magic on your master suite too. And if bedding isn’t your thing, jewelry must be (we all have a girly vice, right?). Her gems are red carpet or date night dinner ready. 

The Euro Trash (Pillows, Jewelry and more)
Small Square Pillow (19×19), 100% Linen: $162 (Tell Malgorzata I sent you!)

Photos by Colleen Duffley