Bikini and beach season are here.

“Uh oh.”

That was my thought, anyway.

But then I remembered of all the yummy green things that are never as good as they are right now- peas, asparagus, skinny string beans (otherwise known as haricots verts), butter lettuces, tender and tiny basil leaves… The fact that these are healthful veggies– and will help me squeeze into a yellow polka-dot bikini on our mom-and-dad-only, beach getaway— is a huge bonus.

So I got together with the like-minded ladies at Redbook to put together Five Quick n’ Easy Spring Chicken Dinners with a ton of flavor and not too many calories. (Because I’m not sacrificing my tastebuds to go to the beach…) My absolute favorite of the bunch? This Spring Chicken Chopped Salad that’s so satisfying you’ll swear that there are bits of pasta and cheesecake and mini Cadbury chocolate eggs thrown into the mix.

Check back next week for my spring recipes!