I don’t think that either of us knew this could be a job- talking to a crowd. We’re asked to go on stage, in front of family and friends (and strangers who will soon be friends) to cook and talk about food that we make every night. A little of this, a little of that- “Don’t be afraid of seasoning and fat!”– and we’re done. Parker toddles on stage, steals the microphone and, with that, proceeds to steal the show.

Our Grilled Gulf Red Snapper w Green Tomatoes and Pecan Sauce was better than the last time we made it, a sweltering Labor Day spent in Manhattan. Southern ingredients just don’t taste as good when shipped north of the “Sweet Tea Line.” You need snapper that was caught that morning, green tomatoes from a neighbor’s garden and pecans from the family that sits next to you in church. Goodness is in the little things, right? All the right bits must have come together last weekend, as we headlined the Seafood Festival, because everything was delicious.