I’m stuck in between seasons…

Butternut squash and bits of smoky chorizo simmer stovetop while I mince the last of the chives for Parker’s favorite blue cheese dip. (She won’t eat grilled cheese but she loves gorgonzola– go figure).

But I still want fruity drinks and tan lines and starred days on the calendar that scream “BEACH!”

Redbook needs me to get it together. Out with the grill marks, in with the jus. Goodbye shrimp skewers, hello chicken wings. The trick is, I’ve got to make it healthy. We ladies want it all it all- comfort food and skinny jeans. Ahh, we’re so difficult, aren’t we?

While my kitchen’s already a mess, send me your favorite fall comfort foods. I’ll try to give them a healthy makeover… and still slip in a few afternoons in the sun.