Pictured: Rockhouse Hotel, Jamaica

Isn’t this where you want to be right now? Perched on the cliffs of Pristine Cove, Jamaica, warm toes in the air, diving into the turquoise sea? Climb up the cliffside ladder and refresh with a swig of rum punch and start dreaming up dinner- something like coconut shrimp, Jamaican stir-fry and… more rum punch.

Oh, but you’re too busy digging your way out from under thermals and sweaters and coats to even think about a Caribbean vacation, that honeymoon- or babymoon– you’ve always dreamed of?

We’re here to do the tough jobs for you. That’s right, we’re hard at work digging up the balmiest, most beautiful, most memorable hot spots that are just a plane ride (non-stop only, please) away. Think Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Turks & Caicos and the Bahamas. We know what’s top of your list, where you’re willing to splurge (excursions; spa treatments) and where you might like saving a buck (at the bar, maybe?)

New York Newlywed “Musts”

  • Culinary & Mixology-Minded– The hotel bar & restaurant better be stellar. There’s nothing worse than spending a Caribbean getaway eating chewy conch and pretending to enjoy sugar-bomb cocktails
  • Direct Flight– No more than a 5-hour direct flight to paradise, please. Three hours and change would be just perfect.
  • To WiFi or Not to WiFi– It’s important to stay connected… but perhaps not everywhere. Maybe you can’t upload pics at the pool, but please allow us to do so in the lobby
  • Smiles– The Northeast is tough enough in the winter and early spring- we want smiles and professional service when we splash out. Great staff always make the trip.
  • Flavor– Yep, we want it both in the food and the surrounding area. Can we venture beyond the hotel/resort grounds and feel the culture, listen to the music, feel like we’re somewhere besides South Florida? Let’s hope so.

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The Ultimate Caribbean is coming soon!