I started to see dozens of amazing dinner snapshots pop up on my girlfriends’ Facebook pages and Instagram (where cocktail and 4-figure purse pics usually appear) and I knew something was up…

There’s the Chicken Fricasse w Gnocchi & Artichokes, the Herb-Crusted Lamb Lollipops, the Skirt Steak w Homemade Chimichurri. Hmmmm… These were my girlfriends who made reservations- not dinner. But the stream of gorgeous, hearty, soul-satisfying (not to mention hubby-pleasing) meals continued so I decided to click and read.

Every Working Girl and Busy Mom’s secret was out. The dinner kit delivery service, PLATED, was “buying, measuring, cutting, chilling, boxing and shipping” every ingredient to their door (so said the New York Times who “discovered” PLATED about a month after I did).

Total genius. I think Jamie told me to close my mouth as I scrolled through more photos and then cried, “Why didn’t we think of that??”

Through our ICE Date Night Cooking Classes and GILT City clients, we know that young, working couples don’t have time for the legwork that goes into making a great meal (…but they still want the great meal!) With PLATED’s dinner kits, kitchen drudgery is out and being an insouciant, Nigella-sexy chef is “in.” That’s right, sip your wine while they do all the hard work.

So we decided to get in too. Jamie and I are partnering with the PLATED team to create a mini web series and week’s worth of Just Married & Cooking meals that will be delivered rightoyourverydoorstep. Yep, we’re going to entertain and feed you…

Stay tuned for our April recipe series!