Gougeres (aka cheese puffs) are the ultimate gooey, cheesey nibble. I say they’re perfect for cocktail time- Brooke says they’re perfect anytime. While they may seem fancy and complicated, they’re totally easy for cooks at every level. Just follow our guide below and you’ll feel like a pro by the end of your first tray. And when your sweet tooth kicks in, you can use this exact same method to make profiteroles.

  1. Smear a little dough in each corner of the tray before lining it with parchment paper. This will make the paper stick flat on the tray which makes piping the dough much easier.
  2. Pipe the dough into small mounds by holding the tip of the piping bag 1 inch above the tray and squeezing out the dough without moving the bag until a little dome forms. Don’t worry if the look like little ‘chocolate’ Kisses, we’ll fix that later.
  3. Pipe the gougere onto the tray leaving about 1 inch between each piece.
  4. When all the gougere are piped, pat down the ‘points’ with a wet finger so the top each gougere is smooth and rounded.
  5. For an extra crispy top, brush each mound of dough with a beaten egg…
  6. …then top with finely grated cheese.

Enjoy your gougere with a glass of champagne or a tasty cocktail like our Tangerine Ginger Crush.