It’s toothsome, luscious, slippery and smooth. Just what you need on Valentine’s Day. Naughty, naughty… where’s your mind?

Fresh, homemade pasta is a big bowl of affordable luxury (who needs caviar & pearls?) that’ll charm the pants off your honey…

…if you’re just patient enough to learn a little technique. 

Last night, on Valentine’s Eve, we rolled out trenette with spinach pesto, tagliatelle alla bolognese, pumpkin ravioli with brown butter & sage, capellini with roasted tomatoes, buccatini all’amatriciana and rigatoni with goat cheese, escarole and chili pepper.

The big surprise?

Well, that everyone could do it. So quick. So easy. So goooood. Eighteen students and not one dud (amazing students, amazing pasta). All the dishes were expertly prepared and devoured after several hours of sipping–we served a crisp, almond-y Vernaccia and a big Chianti–and learning. Then, we sat down to a big banquet table and vowed to do it all over again at home… in a nightie and a pair of boxers. 

Pasta is sexy.