Our best times in the kitchen aren’t when there are just two of us, but when there are three of us. We think any child’s joy is pretty infectious, but nothing tops seeing our own little girl banging around in the kitchen. Parker puts on a little swagger when getting her mise together for her favorite margherita pizza or sweet potato French fries. Kale smoothies are somehow (mercifully) on her new hit list. She peels the banana, shreds the kale and pours the orange juice with concentration and love.

So when Parents magazine asked if we’d like to be a part of their cooking with kids/Easter lunch spread, we jumped. We knew that we wanted the recipes to be sophisticated enough for adult palates yet accessible and simple enough to appeal to the little ones.  Some element of the recipe preparation would incorporate little hands. With sweet pea crostini, lamb lollipops and lemon icebox pie, we’re pretty sure everyone left the shoot- and the dinner table- happy.

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