Every summer we fall in love all over again.

How can you not fall hard for stand-up paddle boarding, an incredible ab/arm/booty workout that–get this–allows you to work out outside. Instead of sweating it out next to a Stair Master and an angry I-banker, Jamie and I got to practice our strokes with blue crab, pelicans, red fish (and maybe even an alligator or two). No stinky gym mats and sweaty equipment (a revelation to me now that I’m a decade deep into my Manhattan experience)! Instead, we explored inlets, lakes, rivers and the Gulf of Mexico with just the sound of water lapping over our boards and waves in the distant Gulf

Where we grew up down South, YOLO boarding is king. “You Only Live Once” is the acronym that Tom Lossee and Jeff Archer, its founders and inventors, coined to describe the experience and their boards. We were able to hang out with Tom a bit while down in Watercolor, Florida signing copies of Just Married and soaking up the sun over July 4th. He’s totally chill, totally buff and the best advertisment for his super successful company.

Tom would agree with us when we say, You Only Live Once so get your butt on a board!