We (Just Married & Cooking, and our hands-on cooking classes, that is) took our show 3,000 miles on the road to Napa Valley. Everywhere we looked, everything we tasted was pretty amazing.

So what moved us the most?

The sun rising over the vineyards, burning off the morning fog?

Watching our students surrender their wine glasses to dig into a mess of flour and eggs to make the best plates of pasta we’ve ever tasted?

Well, yes… and no. We loved all that, but what inspired us the most were the couples. They showed us that endeavoring to do something together–traveling, cooking, tasting, sipping–makes us stronger. We should never think that, as a couple, we’re too young to try or too old to stop learning.

And, if at the end of your roadshow (or long work week) you’re feeling tired and uninspired, pour a glass of Napa Chardonnay and allow a little smile. The good stuff will kick in and keep you going.