He’s cute. He cooks. He even cleans out the cast-iron skillet after frying us bacon…

Chef James ICE headshot 2

Jamie’s a chef hottie! But I’ve always known this. Why do you think I married the man?

The ladies at ELLE are wise (thinking with your tummy is always a good thing…) and included Jamie in their piece, 6 Hot Chefs Cook You Dinner. It’s just him and his big, brown eyes and… his Asparagus and Fava Bean Risotto with Sautéed Shrimp.

ELLE.com- 6 Hot Chefs Cook You Dinner: “There’s nothing sexier than a man who cooks. But these guys…well, they kind of take that to the next level. We got some of the hottest toques in America to put together a menu of exactly the kind of dishes we crave in the warm weather: fresh, light, full of flavor, and perfect for feeding to someone you love.”

Kate Winick