This is how they shop, eat, live in LA? Pack Parker’s blocks and Jamie’s cookbook collection and throw away my H&M sweaters- we’re moving to Los Angeles!  

We’ve never had a month like this, y’all. It’s sunny, 65 degrees (in December!?) and we’re getting cookin’ with our favorite soups on CBS’ KCAL noon show  today and, tomorrow, at the most spectacular shopping center I’ve ever seen.

 Hmmmm… How can I describe to you Americana at Brand? Imagine quaint, small-town Main Street but replace the hardware store with the Apple Store and insert J.Crew, Calvin Klein and Barney’s where the law offices and dentist used to be. The little produce mart has been amped up a few notches- especially on Saturdays when Americana puts on Gigi’s Farmer’s Market and showcases the area’s amazing produce.

Tomorrow, we’re cookin’ up our favorite holiday recipes using every busy cook’s secret weapon- prepared soups and stocks-in-a box. Come on down and see us! And, if LA is a litte too far, check out our greatest hits and make them for this year’s big, holiday celebration. A little hint on what might be your favorite-

For the guys: Southwestern Black Bean, Sweet Potato, Chorizo Dip (*think game-day eats)

For the girls: Butternut Squash Pancakes with Pecan-Maple Sauce (*think family brunch or breakfast-in-bed)