Parker admiring the rural-themed, pop art wall paper in MoMA’s Education and Research Building.

On Saturday, March 5th we will be taking part in the Museum of Modern Art’s Conversations with Contemporary Artists: Family Edition. We are speaking along side Davin Stowell of Smart Design, the folks behind all those ingenious Oxo products. After Davin talks about the design that goes into the tools, we’ll jump in and show the 100+ attendees how we love to use the tools at home to whip up one of our favorite family meals.

And since we are absolutely desperate for Spring to arrive with warm weather and green vegetables for all we’ll be preparing a Spring Pea Mash with Fresh mint. We’ll spin the mash into a fun hors d’oeuvre by spreading it onto grilled bread with ricotta and caramelized onions and make it into an elegant entree by topping the mash with roasted fish and surrounding it with a rich mushroom broth.

Pictures and recipe to come…