about Will and Cate. End of story. Doesn’t matter to me in the least.

But my wife LOVES it. When she was little her mother loved everything about the Royal Family- their house was filled with magazines and books about Diana’s wedding. Brooke remembers them to this day and that special morning when her Mama was up before the sun to watch all the pageantry as Diana headed down the aisle, so it should be of little surprise to me that she has organized her own viewing party at our apartment.

I tried in vain to point out to her that the only reason her mother woke up so early to watch the nuptuials was that there were no DVRs in 1981. Needless to say, I was unsuccessful. So while I sleep through early morning hours, Brooke, Parker and her favorite neighbor Hannah will sit in the living room and take it all in- I’ll be more than happy with the Cliff Notes version after I wake.

Despite my pure apathy to the wedding and everything surrounding it, I cannot abide the thought of my girls noshing day-old store bought pastries as the happy couple does what ever it is they’ll be doing. So tonight I’ll be flexing my newly acquired baking muscles (thanks to master baker Sim Cass @iceculinary)   to make a fresh batch of Chelsea Rolls.


They’ll proof overnight in the fridge and then Brooke can pop them in oven as soon as they’re ready for the most amazing, freshly baked morning treat ever.

Chelsea Rolls! Resistance is futile.
recipe to come…

Full Disclosure: I insisted on making these rolls. I haven;t had a chance to make any of the new things I recently learned and thought this was the perfect excuse. Besides, I’m the one with the sweet tooth and am sure that I’ll be digging into the rolls more than anyone else in our house.