Just Married & Cooking’s Ground Chicken & Green Curry Vegetable Roast

Just Married & Cooking’s Whole-Wheat Pappardelle w. Butternut Squash & Blue Cheese

I’ve been in love with Prince William since I could first read Royalty magazine. Oh, yes, my mother subscribed to both Royalty and People–I was a lucky 6 year-old.  For years, the magazines re-hashed the “wedding of the century,” then came Princess Diana’s new ball gowns and jewels. Finally, a hunk (aka Prince William Arthur Philip Louis) was born and I was hooked. 

Wills would be mine–I could just feel it in my skinny, pre-pubescent bones.

Fast forward 20-odd years and I married a prince (of the kitchen) and, well, William is set to marry a different commoner, Ms. Kate Middleton.

The best I can do now? Well, I can boss around the future King of England (and my ex-boyfriend… of sorts… well, he was meant to be my boyfriend, anyway) in the kitchen.  “Now Wills, don’t be afraid of the butternut squash. This is how you cube it. That’s right, take the chef’s knife…”

And, that, my friends, is just about as satisfying as a plate of my own blue cheese pasta.

Check out our Royal to Realistic cooking tips and tricks for the future King and Queen of England. It doesn’t matter if you have blue blood coursing through your veins, you’ll love a sneak peek at Just Married & Cooking’s recipes for Ground Chicken & Green Curry Vegetable Roast and Whole-Wheat Pappardelle w. Butternut Squash & Blue Cheese!