So many thoughts raced through my head when I found out I was pregnant (almost 3 years ago!) I’m a little ashamed to admit that one of the Top 10 thoughts went something like this:

“You will never wear a bikini ever again!”

Yes, I should have been focusing on the miracle of life, but, instead, I was worrying about my thighs (and my soft belly… and my round cheeks and…) and maybe being relegated to a special section of the beach away from the single girls, their triangle bikini tops and luscious-looking, fruity alcoholic beverages.  

But guess what? Moms can be hot! We can have toned armes and nice tummies and sit in the sand with everyone else (though we’ll always be bending over to pick up toys and juice boxes and slather sunscreen on tiny noses).

Lea Barlow and her Hot and Healthy Mom website celebrates our very full lives as caring mothers and interesting, women.  Mondays she features a Hot Mama of the Week and peppers them with Proustian questions like, “What is your guilty pleasure once you have some coveted ‘me’ time?” and “What’s your favorite cocktail?” (Now that’s important.)

I’m tickled Lea found me and I love that I found a new mom website!

Hot Mama of the Week: Brooke Parkhurst