Super Bowl Sunday is like one big cheat day.

I totally realize it’s the perfect excuse to eat and drink (…because I’m already dreaming of the exact moment on the couch when my lips lick the salt and savor my first sip of  Spicy Jalapeno Marg and then another… and then I’ll mosey over for Jamie’s Ultimate Chicken Wings dunked in blue cheese dip and then I’ll go back to the margs…).

But something’s gotta give. So in between all that finger-lickin’ goodness, I’ll put out our Roasted Fingerlings w Horseradish “Cream” (made with yogurt), our Low(er) Fat Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip and one of my all-time favorite, healthy recipes that I wrote for REDBOOK– my Fiesta Black Bean Dip.  I throw together black beans, red & orange peppers, cilantro, avocado and a few other goodies and mix with cumin, coriander and a whole bunch of citrus. Almost makes me want to cook and watch football every Sunday.