Happy Heavy Holiday!

I don’t think that holiday card would have been a hit (… if I actually sent out things like family holiday cards. Everyone sees just enough of us here, why waste paper?)

To the point: We feel big and soft and maybe a little guilty from over-consumption of cream cheese, cheddar cheese, mayonnaise (and let’s not even talk about fried seafood) during our holidays down South. Time to atone- in the smart, don’t-forget-about-your-taste-buds-way!

We’re leaning heavy on our favorite Super Foods like quinoa, wheat berries and spinach. Lean proteins like chicken and ground turkey are big on our lists but we’re still having fun with lower-fat takes on Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip and a few show-stopping cocktails.

Check in every day for the yummiest, healthiest ways to cook, entertain and slim down in the New Year!

*Mom Note:* I can not promise Parker and I will give up weekly visits to our corner pizzeria . Bubbly crust topped with mozzarella and prosciutto and a big glass of red are essential for my sanity.