We thought we were onto something good…

…and now that we’re on the tippy top luxury website, GILT City, we know we are!

Better than a personal chef and more intimate than a cooking class, our private in-home classes and hands-on dinner parties for couples launched six weeks ago.  GILT’s editors and curators took note and saw us as downtown’s latest “rescue chef” duo.  (Remember that show with Curtis Stone? He’d flirt with suburbanites in the freezer section and then they’d take him home and together they’d make sweet, culinary music in the kitchen?)

Anyway, we couldn’t be happier to be a part of GILT City — and to potentially be a part of your new cooking routine. GILT says it best,

“[We’re the] young newlyweds who will come to [your] domestic rescue with easy-to-create and hard to resist Southern charm.”

So sign up now!