Let’s just say Brooke isn’t as passionate about football as I am, to put it mildly. Left to my own devices, there a chance I would be one of the guys shivering in 30 degree weather, painted head-to-toe in burgundy and gold or at very least RG3 scrawled across my chest. On the other hand, Brooke will only get fired up for a football party if there is a promise of great food and drinks. Chicken wings are her favorite, and my chicken wing recipe is legendary (in my own mind). But I don’t make them that often because fried chicken wings are a pain in the butt to make at home. Besides they are not the type of thing you want to be eating every weekend, unless your goal is to look like an offensive limeman by February.

Lucky for me, our roles flipped and Brooke is now the reigning chicken wing queen of our household.  On recent assignment for Redbook Magazine Brooke was tasked with transforming favorite Fall comfort foods in healthy (or at least healthier) versions of themselves. Thanks to all of our friends on Facebook who prompted her to tackle (see what i did there?) classic buffalo style wings and blitz (did it again!) the excess calories out of them. The results are a recipe that anyone can excited about, no matter what team you’re on. Check out her healthy(er) chicken wings, and all the others here.