Birthday parties can be tough…until the kids are about 25.



At that point, I plan to fly myself, errrrmm I mean, the family, to Paris and bistro hop until my stretchy jeans beg for mercy. At one of the dinners, I’ll make sure there is a slice of warm chocolate cake with a pink candle on top. “Happy Birthday, Parker!”

But until then, I have to deal with the fact that I’m not a cheese doodles/piñata kind of mama (though I kind of wish I were because everything would be much easier…) At children’s parties, I like the kids to do something- maybe even learn something- and for the parents to relax, sip a little wine, make themselves a plate and get to know each other beyond the morning school drop-off and afternoon pick-up.

With Parker’s newfound “chef girl” status, was there any other choice but to celebrate her fifth birthday at ICE?

Chef Dad went all out, prepping 50 pizzas and 100 cupcakes for eager hands and cooking up a smorgasborg of goodies for the parents. Sushi, truffled pizzas, short rib steam buns, arancini, charcuterie & cheese anyone? The ICE team and the kitchen space were second-to-none and Parker was able to impress the Pre-K boys with her pizzaiolo skills. A few pictures from the Chef Girl birthday party…