Eventually, everyone’s gotta learn their way around a stove–even the mega-stars and reality celebs that populate our tv line-ups and glossy mags.

So when The Donald needed a talented, telegenic (extraordinarily patient) chef to coach the ladies on all things steak, he chose Jamie. Naturally. I mean, what else would my husband do on a cool Tuesday but shoot an episode of Celebrity Apprentice?

Here’s the challenge: The guys (Team “Backbone”) compete against the gals (team “A.S.A.P.”) to create a 20-minute ‘live’ cooking demonstration for Omaha Steaks. But, first, they need a little expert instruction.

Jamie steps in to save the day by teaching LaToya Jackson how to season, Star Jones and NeNe Leakes how to sear and Marlee Matlin how to serve up the best steak this side of Nebraska… or that’s how the scenario plays out in my mind anyway. I see him in his chef’s toque taking it all very seriously and the ladies nodding, sipping vino and checking out his big, broad shoulders in his chef’s jacket. Oh, wait, now I’m talking about myself in the kitchen…

Check out Jamie and his sizzling starlets tonight!

Celebrity Apprentice; NBC, Sunday 9/8 CENTRAL