I might be a mom, but I refuse to walk around in a perpetual state of “under-dress”– moo-moos, velour track suits and the like. When you expect me to wear yoga pants, I slip into a silk jumper and heels.

Parker, a little contrarian in her own right, might be a toddler but she refuses to subsist on pizza, fries and chicken fingers. (That’s a bowl of pimento cheese in the foreground and she’s gulping down crab salad…)

We both have discerning tastes, we defy expectations… and now we’re putting these fussy characteristics to good use! I’m rolling out a new Mom/Tot cooking series at the Institute of Culinary Education–yes, it’s Parker-tested, Parker-approved– that’ll please your crying baby, your ornery tot and you’re picky husband who doesn’t want to eat baby food for dinner.  OXO’s loved my recipes so they’re joining the class too, giving away their clever kitchen gear!

Don’t miss your chance to please everyone in the family…

Baby & Toddler Food At Home:

Brooke may be known for her couples cooking cuisine with chef-husband, James Briscione, but she can also whip up delicious, healthful food for the littlest members of the family. In this class, you’ll learn how to roast, sauté and puree organic food for your tots. Not only will you cut your grocery bill in half, you will reduce your child’s sodium and sugar intake. An added bonus, Brooke will show you how to add herbs and spices to transform baby’s dinner into sophisticated bites for you and your partner. You’ll use the freshest produce to make Sweet Pea Mash; Butternut Squash Puree; Cilantro and Honey Roasted Carrot Bits; Healthy Granola; Quick and Easy Tot Pastas and much more! Students will receive OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers.