It’s gourd season, what can we say? And when the cool weather gives us butternut squash, we give you at least a dozen squash recipes that stretch from morning ’til dinnertime.

This spicy hash- a killer combo of sweet & toothsome squash, spicy chorizo and hot jalapeno- is the perfect foil for the season’s mild proteins like roasted turkey… or, in my family’s case, fried alligator.

Oh, yes you heard me- gator is on tomorrow’s Thanksgiving buffet and no one’s apologizing. Actually, I think we’re all really excited that our Gulf Coast (ever-so-slightly-country) roots are shining through.

Just promise us you’ll try this side dish. It’s a favorite of our Gilt City clients and it graces our kitchen counter at least once a week. How could this baby get any better?! Cheese! Little nuggets of goats cheese on top of the finished sautee make a cool, creamy finishing touch.

Recipe: Butternut Squash & Chorizo Sautee