When I needed to shore up love & support- and launch the new tab “Cookin’ Couples” on this blog- I decided that there was no one like my Mamma.

Granted, she might cook for my father and not with him (making her more of a Cookin’ Singleton than a Cookin’ Couple),  but she knows a good recipe when she sees one.  And, she most certainly has what it takes to turn out a fabulous meal.

You see, I was a supremely spoiled little girl who  grew up eating Gourmet Magazine feature recipes 5 days a week (Saturday was fried chicken, fried by someone else and Sunday was pastitsio or moussaka from the Greek diner on Palafox Street).

 No, Mom might not have a fancy camera- she snaps everything with her Iphone- nor does she plan her day around great natural lighting for her food photographs. But she’s slam full of tapioca pearls of wisdom when it comes to cooking. 

Here, she enlightens you on what to do with that leftover 16 oz of canned pumpkin, still hanging out on your shelf after Thanksgiving weekend. Didn’t mix it into eggs, milk and nutmeg? Do it now! Or, better yet, follow Mamma’s advice and make our Pumpkin Tiramisu (pg 287 in the cookbook) for your Christmas buffet. Without further ado…

“Call me Suzanne or call me Brooke’s “Mamma”- it doesn’t matter much to me. Just listen to what I have to say when it comes to cooking!

There’s no other word to describe Brooke & Jamie’s Irish Pumpkin Mousse Tiramisu (did she tell you the page number? check it out on pg 287) than fanciful. Yes, it’s fancy with a touch of whimsy. And since I have a glass pumpkin sitting on the top of my pantry, I thought that I should put it- and my extra can of pureed pumpkin- to good use over the next month. 

Listen up newlywed brides (and those great emancipated husbands who actually put down the remote and get in the kitchen)- Don’t be intimidated by the three-part preparation! It’s worth the luscious labor of blending pumpkin puree with mascarpone cheese, whipped cream and spices until silky smooth. Oh, and don’t get me started on those frothy candied pecans! 

I’m telling you, the assembly moves rather quickly: Place a layer of ladyfingers that have been quickly dipped in what Brooke and Jamie describe as “the secret ingredient.”  (I’ll leave the identity of that to you young cooks, but let me guarantee you that it’s a real taste treat.) Then,  spread the next layer with pumpkin mousse and sprinkle with candied pecan meringue. Continue layering and sprinkle with more pecans. I topped my glass pumpkin bowl off with a half ladyfinger that resembles a pumpkin stem.

*A note to the family: This was my contribution to the Thanksgiving Day dinner and I’m bringing it over Christmas Eve!

Did I motivate you to crack open your cookbook and use that last can of pumpkin? You want more from Mamma? I’m back next week gabbing about champagne cocktails. Move over eggnog because bubbly’s where it’s at.