What could make me happier than powder pink Viking appliances and an outdoor kitchen?

There are so many “once-in-a-lifetimes” on our book tour calendar… Cooking on national tv in front of millions (okay, that’s both amazing and scary), speaking at Google, stepping foot inside the same kitchen as Gwyneth Paltrow (that would be our demo and signing at the Williams Sonoma, Columbus Circle, where Gwynny just whipped up samples from her tome, My Father’s Kitchen) and getting to revisit the Pepper Place Farmer’s Market in Birmingham where Jamie and I had our first date. I love that we’re coming back with our baby and our book in tow.

Oh, and those powder pink ovens! Those are at Lucy Buffett’s barefoot beach bar and restaurant (yes, that’s Jimmy’s sister) in Gulf Shores where we might have the most fun of all.

Join us at one, or all, of our events and go home full–and with a signed copy of Just Married, of course!