We know. You started off the day with the noblest of intentions. You were going to finish up all your work early, get to the store and home in time to cook a nice dinner. But then, Prince Harry visited New Jersey and those extra 30 minutes you planned were spent flipping through photo galleries. I mean, come on, did you see him with those kids… Anyway, now you look at your clock and realize there is no way dinner is going to be ready before 9. Forget it. But tomorrow; tomorrow you’ll get it done. Right?

Our advice to you- delegate. We understand. Right now you’re… uh, “between” assistants and don’t someone you can send out to do all the shopping, print out a recipe card and measure the ingredients for you. It’s ok; that’s where Plated fits in. Just click on the dish you want to cook and voila! everything shows up at your doorstep, and ready to show everyone what your kitchen skills are all about.

If you head over to Plated.com this week, you can try out some our favorite recipes from our book and others that we created exclusively for Plated- like this Flash Sauteed Kale with Chicken Linguine.

Ready. Set. COOK!