The origin of Angels on Horseback, like so many great dishes, is murky at best. For me angels on horseback are New Orleans on a stick, literally. This throwing-elbows-in-the-buffet-line worthy bite in its simplest form is oysters wrapped in bacon on a skewer. You might find them grilled, roasted, broiled, even breaded or fried. I even riffed on this classic taking it upscale when cooking at the James Beard House where one of our hors d’oeuvres was bourbon braised bacon brochettes with fresh pickles, pictured above. While you’ll have to wait for the book for that recipe, you can join me on February 5th to learn to make a classic grilled angels on horseback.

In Traditons of the Creole Kitchen we’ll explore some of the foods and classic cooking cooking techniques of New Orleans. Our menu will include:
Angels on Horseback
Winter Chicken and Oyster Gumbo
Shrimp Etouffée (hint: the shrimp butter is the key and I’ll teach you how to make it!)
Red Beans and Rice
Bread Pudding Whiskey Sauce
So click over and sign up for class, what better way to get geared for Mardi Gras?