Now this is how you do it… Okay, this is how we would do it if we had a spare $5 mil and a 4,000 sq ft loft space in the heart of SoHo. The Culinary Loft was kind of our Valentine’s dream come true even though we were teaching instead of sipping and searing instead of holding hands under the table.

From the crisp, white linen aprons to the elegant table settings to the wine that, well, never seemed to stop flowing, the Culinary Loft romances your senses, gets you really worked up and then finally serves you a feast. (Sounds like Manhattan dating, doesn’t it?)

Some couples decided to share their Valentine’s with us because they saw us on the news, others read about us in the New York Times and in Gotham Magazine. But they all traveled to the heart of SoHo, to the intersection of Broadway and Spring, for a romantic supper and little lessons on love …and cooking. But they’re one and the same, aren’t they?


  • Be Playful
  • Listen
  • Be Creative
  • Share
  • Always Taste and Never Complain…

Our next couples cooking workshop at the Loft is March 28th… Stay tuned!