To us, it seems like ages ago that Just Married and Cooking hit the shelves. But, in reality, it’ss been just two short months and we’re thrilled to return to where it all began!

The day after our book was released, we were invited to take a turn behind the stove in Williams-Sonoma’s flagship Manhattan at Colombus Circle. We’d like to think we dazzled the crowd with our witty banter and hilarious stories but the truth is they probably all just stuck around for extra bites of Hungarian Shortbread. Either way, the folks at Williams-Sonoma were impressed enough to invite us back.

Come join us this Sunday for some tasty bites and the chance to heckle Brooke in her Madonna headset (!) 

The details:

When: This Sunday, July 24th from 3pm-5pm

Where: Williams-Sonoma at Colombus Circle (in the Time Warner Center, SW corner of Central Park)

 If the promise of Brooke in a Madonna (circa Truth or Dare) headset isn’t enough to get you excited to come out to see us at Williams-Sonoma this weekend, then just consider the freebies… and the fact that Stone Rose bar (and their amazing cocktails) are just upstairs.