Since we’ve returned from our book tour down South, I can’t stop thinking about peaches… and Brooke won’t let me forget it.

My lovely wife claims her neck is still sore from my driving and my whipping the car to the side of a country road in Baldwin County, AL to spend a chunk of Parker’s college fund at a farm stand. Baskets of sweet juicy peaches, how could I resist? She was going to make a peach crumble that night but I ate half the basket that very afternoon… then I mashed up the rest in my favorite warm weather cocktail, the Bourbon Peach Press.

I can now proudly say that my bourbon has made some Yankee converts as well. This morning on WPIX Channel 11, we mixed up a batch of Bourbon Peach Press on air and left the pitcher for the crew. By the time we washed our hands and scraped out the mixing bowls, the pitcher was empty and everyone was in good spirits. Give this recipe a try over the weekend and see what it does for you mood!

Watch us make the Bourbon Peach Press here and some of favorite Afterwork Apps: