I’ve chopped approximately 24,723 in my career as a chef.


And I’ve taught just about as many culinary students. But I’ve never been with any group in the kitchen that was this interested in chatting and not chopping!

I tried to do my best ‘tough teacher’ act with Jenna, Natalie and Tamron , keeping them in line as we went over the basics. But it was Friday and the new- correct!- knife grip seemed to throw them for a loop. As did chopping an onion. As did trimming a zucchini. And we didn’t even get to the pineapple until we cut to commercial. But they were having FUN which is just about the most important part, right? Well, as long as the onions are perfectly diced.

Check out the TODAY Show segment and chop like a pro (or at least have a really good time in the process)!

TODAY Show: Chop Like a Pro with James Briscione