Ai Marmi (aka L’Orbitorio)


When a line snakes out the front of a Roman pizzeria, that’s a good thing. During Brooke’s year in Rome (don’t ask the year… it was before the Euro), she’d plan her Friday nights around

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Enoteca Regionale Palatium


Brooke’s very in-the-know best friend, Ellen, hit the jackpot by marrying a handsome Italian and moving to Rome. (Hey, it has to happen to someone…) Their date night locales, frequently near the Piazza d’ Spagna

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Trattoria Monti


If Trattoria Monti and their celebrated ‘tortini’ were good enough for Frank Bruni, they were good enough for us. But let’s back up a bit…We never would have discovered Trattoria Monti if it weren’t for

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Bucatini all’amatriciana virtually courses through the veins of Romans. Aside from their love affair with innards (tripe, stomach, kidneys), Romans love nothing more than a hot bowl of bucatini bathed in a lightly spiced tomato


Forno Campo dei Fiori


Smack dab in the heart of Campo dei Fiori- “Campo,” as the Romans call it, also being the location of one of the most gorgeous, morning produce markets in the world- is the Romans most-loved

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