Well if our Southern mothers didn’t fall over when the Museum of Modern Art called us…

The brains behind MoMA’s sell-out seminars, Conversations with Contemporary Artists: Family Edition, tapped me and Jamie to talk about our creative process in the kitchen, our inspiration, tools and techniques. What’s the importance of good design in the kitchen? And could we maybe whip up something yummy for the moms, dads and kiddies in the Celeste Bartos Theatre?


That was our answer, quick and easy. Jamie’s obsessed with Smart Design in his culinary space. He especially loves the OXO Good Grips Kitchen Tools which will be the focus of the discussion. Me? I might not have ever fired off a plate of foie gras-stuffed guinea hen on the line at Daniel, like Jamie has, but I know a thing or two about getting dinner on the table for a cranky baby and a… uh… sometimes-cranky, always-over-worked-and-hungry husband. I’m not a design snob but I’ll always choose a kitchen tool with good, clean lines and great functionality over one that’s just pretty. (Even worse are those that are fusty and a unattractive–who has time for that??)

All hands on deck–MoMA and Smart Design, here we come!

  • What: Conversations with Contemporary Artists, Family Edition— Hear from contemporary artists as they share their art-making techniques and sources of inspiration.
  • When: March 5th, 2011; exact time TBA
  • Where: Museum of Modern Art; 11 West 53rd Street; 212.708.9400; www.moma.org