How exciting is it to launch a new digital series with Food Network?!



If these pictures tell a story, Jamie’s job as the host of Man Crafted is to travel to really awesome locations, meet dynamic groups of guys who love sports/adventure/cooking and then whip up something amazingly delicious (…that I want as leftovers that night). My main beef: no food ever makes it home. His recipes are that good. Or so I hear.

Jamie hikes, fishes, farms, almost becomes a professional baseball player… I’m pretty sure this “job” of his is every 20/30/40-something guys’ dream. (For the record, he just turned 37.) But for a show with a lot of dudes, there are more than a few recipes that my girlfriends are dying to try. See: Spiced Avocado Toast with Citrus-Cured Salmon and Poached Egg. And I know that one of his fish tacos would hit the spot right about now.

These recipes are crave-worthy, y’all! But don’t take my word for it. Hop over to Man Crafted on and check it out!