We’re so excited to unveil our latest series of cooking classes! Here’s the press release because, well, we’re just cooks and they’re the professionals …


Newlywed couple and top cooking instructors Brooke Parkhurst and Chef James Briscione have launched Just Married and Cooking, a new series of private, in-home cooking workshops throughout New York City for the couple who has everything–except skills together at the stove.

Parkhurst and Briscione took notice of a growing trend of young couples who had a desire to cook like their favorite celebrity chefs, but lacked the necessary skills.

We knew we could fill in the blanks for those couples who want to cook like Bobby Flay, but don’t know where to begin in their own less-than-professional kitchen.  Also, cooking together can be sexy and can be a great alternative to going out!”

Just Married and Cooking classes take the concept of hiring a personal chef one step further by creating an intensive cooking experience that is more intimate than a traditional classroom cooking class. The tailored workshops provide hands-on practice and develop skills based on clients’ home kitchens and existing skills and lifestyles. Through the classes, Brooke and James aim to motivate a new generation of couples to put down the take-out menus and frozen dinners and get in the kitchen together.

Follow the link to view the list of private classes

Photo by Colleen Duffley