When the TODAY Show calls…

Kathie Lee & Hoda

1st thought (and it’s always the 1st thought)- “Don’t embarrass your mother!”

2nd thought– “Brooke, if you spill a cocktail on Kathie Lee and Hoda well… well… okay they’ll probably just smile and ask for seconds.”

3rd thought– “What in the world are we going to cook in America’s most famous kitchen?” And can Jamie and I even agree on a recipe to cook?

  • He wants pork, I want chicken.
  • He wants more pork and I want fish.
  • He wants a side of vegetables with his bacon and I want my veggies straight up- green and lean.
  • He wants to toast the night with whisky and I want something citrus-y and bright in a martini glass (yes, I’m one of those…)

Kitchen fights. Cooking nightmares. Couples in the kitchen who just can’t agree- including us. And there you have it. We’re going to duke it out with Kathie Lee & Hoda on Friday and see if we can compromise, make a summer meal that makes us both happy.

When it’s a He Said/She Said in the kitchen, who wins? (I hope Jamie plays nice…)

Napa kiss